10/14 - The App Album FINALLY!!! Also, SHOWS FINALLY!!!

are you reading this? Whoa people are  anyway  I dumped a new ambient noise instrumental album on steaming sites. Here’s the backstory on The App Album  

The concept of this album was to incorporate as many apps of the music making variety, be it free or at a cost, As possible. Creating music using those apps was the end goal. Ambient textural sounds were always the idea. Tunes for thoughts. Tones for times. Background all around.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably out. Check my links page or just go to your streaming site of h choice, search Squigs and boom. I’m there. Pretty cool. 

also, cool…I’m gonna be playing a few shows before the end of the year. One with my usual suspects of Unexplained Bacon and Newton Crosby. And the pirates have returned. Check the shows page for the info on UB, NC and Too Many Captians!